viernes, 13 de febrero de 2015

Would you buy a Mac or a PC?

Nowadays computers are essential to our daily lives. Most people couldn't imagine living without them, as they have been a breakthrough for humanity. There are many different kinds of computers, large, small, portable ... However, there are two operating sistems that dominate the world: Wondows and Mac. Which do you prefer?

On the one hand, Mac offers a great quality. Computers are more resistant and more difficult for viruses to enter on them. Almost everyone dreams of having a computer with an "apple", however, is it suitable for us? These more powerful computers are recommended for specific jobs, such as design, as they have a much better graphics card. However, they also have disadvantages. They are much more expensive than other computers, and they need special programs to pass information from one device to another one.

On the other hand, Windows computers are more widespread in the worldwide. They are used in most offices and schools, and that its operating system is compatible with other devices such as Android phones. They are cheaper than Macs, and allow you to use Google services.

There are also other free operating systems like Linux, but are less used and are ,ore simply. Taking all this into account, personally I prefer to use a PC as they are the computers that I have always used and I have two at home. For my purposes, the system is quite good and I can do whatever I want with them without spending a fortune to buy them.

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