sábado, 10 de octubre de 2015

Advantages and disadvantages of means of transport.

Nowadays there are a lot of means of transports tha couldn't be imagined a hundred years ago, like planes. The first person who thought about a plane was believed to be crazy; however, in the current life, we send spaceships to explore the space and it is normal to us.

On the one hand, we could think about what means of transport are more accurated for each moment, but in some occassions we realize that we make mistakes. For example, planes are the best option to travel far away, but we use it to travel near us, since it is more comfortable, without thinking too much about pollution. In these cases, I think that we should use cars, leaving planes for long travels broad.

On the other hand, technology on trains has advanced a lot. Nowadays there are high speed trains, and you can go anywhere very fast. But not only these means of transport have advantages, but they also have several disadvantages. Prices are higherand higher, and people prefer to travel by car instead of using public transport.

Taking all this into account, I believe that governments should reduce prices to promote the use of public transport, as well as aerolines.

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