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The romans in Britain.

The Romans were a civilization that came to Britain a long time ago. It is said that probably, the Romans were very "sophisticated" and they influenced so much the development of the country. They used modern techniques for the times they lived, and they made great improvements that are now reflected in our daily life.

I am studying Roman civilization in History of Art at my school, and they built a lot of public places, such as roads, which were used by the army, so that they could go from one place to another faster and also to transmit messages, since in that time there was no phone, and the information was carried by a messenger.

Moreover, they introduced new types of food like parsley, sweet chestnut and chickens. Besides, they were the first Christians, and built with stone churches which were called "basilicas". Today there are some basilicas, especially well-preserved in Rome and Ravenna, and still are a great work of architecture. Basilicas were often decorated with mosaics, most of which told stories about Jesus Christ or the king and his family.

Finally, the Romans spoke Latin. This language was the predecessor of many others, such as Spanish, and that's why English and Spanish have some similar words. In my opinion, studying the history of the Romans, our ancestors, is very interesting, and it allows you to realize that they were the ones who invented and discovered the most important inventions in the history. Taking all this into account, it makes you wonder "how could the Romans be so intelligent?"

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