sábado, 10 de octubre de 2015


Environmental problems caused by pollution are one of the most disscussed issues by politicians from all over the world, especially by those whose country is very industrialized, such as the United States or Germany. But the question is, how can these problems be solved?

On the one hand, nowadays transport is one of the main reasons of pollution; it produces more and more toxic gases, since the number of vehicles which use gas is incredibly increasing. In my opinion, governments should help automobile companies to develop vehicles which could use water instead of petrol.

On the other hand, rivers and seas are like a "big bin" for boats. They throw away all their rubbish, and as a consequence, sea animals are affected. Some organisations which are concerned about the problem are trying to make a change through demonstrations.

Finally, another problem is that a lot of trees are being cut down to build roads, houses, flats or simply, to make paper. Because of this, our planet is losing a lot of oxygen, and from my point of view, the government should make a law to protect this important part of Earth..

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