viernes, 13 de febrero de 2015

The Internet and safety.

Nowadays the Internet is more and more important for us. Not only is Internet used to search for information or to chat with friends through social networks, but also many people work through this revolutionary network, for example, at the present time doctors can operate a patient that is miles away from him. In addition, Internet allows you to buy everything you want from your house. People buy everything, such as trips, flights, clothes, phones, computers ...

According to the survey, most teens would rather lose TV to the Internet, but the question is, why? Television, one of the biggest phenomena in history, is becoming obsolete, because now you can watch television anytime and anywhere, and also without advertising, which is the best. The same happens to newspapers because many people prefer to be informed via the internet.

However, all that glitters is not gold, the Internet also has disadvantages: Internet can be a vice for many people, so they don't go out and spend all day at home. This also causes diseases such as loss of sight or obesity, as these people don't usually do any exercise.

Finally, I believe that the Internet has been a historical invention that has revolutionized telecommunications and has made our daily lives easier. I couldn't imagine my life now without the Internet, it would be a big step back in time. Therefore I agree with the survey, if I had to choose between losing television and losing Internet, I would choose to lose TV.

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