sábado, 21 de marzo de 2015

Big Brother is watching you.

Most of the population has seen Big Brother, either by curiosity or because it has appeared on our TVs while we were doing zapping. Big Brother may be considered one of the biggest television phenomena, since, despite having been a lot of editions that have been always equal, the audience gets bigger and bigger everyday.

This reality show consists of a group of people living together in a house for about three months, passing trials and weekly eliminations. The house is usually very modern and full of cameras and microphones that are recording all day and that then they broadcast the images on television. Today, there is even a special TV channel that broadcasts Big Brother 24 hours a day.

Not everyone can enter Big Brother. Contestants must spend several castings and psychological tests to see which contestants can be more attractive inside the house for the audience; and with this I mean arguments with other participants, romances... All contestants declare that they participate in Big Brother for the economical purposes, as the prize is usually as high as 100,000 euros.

Currently in Spain, the TV channel Telecinco is broadcasting Big Brother VIP edition, whose participants aren’t normal citizens, but people known because they have appeared on television before. From my point of view, this program can sometimes be a sign of what happens in real life; however, I think that celebrities shouldn’t participate because they already have enough money to be fighting for more.