sábado, 10 de octubre de 2015

Technology nowadays.

Never before had technology been involved in our lifestyle as much as nowadays. At the present time it's so difficult to imagine a life without it, since we use technology for almost everything. Communication, work or entertainment aare the fields where according to a recent survey, technology is more used.

On the one hand, we are so dependent on technology that technological houses are being built. This has a lot of advantages; now we can regulate ilumination automatically, even we can turn the light on with just a clap because os a sound system that is connected to the house's main. However, it also has disadvantages. If a power failure happens, it is almost impossible to do chores, such as doing the meals. I also think that living in a technological house is like being in a videogame, where you are a character who is controlled by a player.

On the other hand, I think that the technological area has a lot of opportunities of work, since it is constantly developing. It also has a lot of useful utilities, but one of the most important is in medicine. For example, such advanced techniques have been created that someone can be surged by a doctor who is miles away from him.

Taking all this into account, not only do I believe that technology is the best invention made by human beings, but I also think that we wouldn't be able to live without it. Itwould be a big retrocess in time.

The importance of being beautiful.

Nowadays we live in a very materialistic and superficial world where the importance of money and beauty has a most relevant role in our society. We search for the magic formula that can allow us to beat the aging, to have longer hair or to have our teeth as brilliant as diamonds.

Being beautiful is so important for teenagers at the present time that they take radical measures to get the canon of beauty that advertisements and the fashion magazines show. Models are slimmer and slimmer and most of them, as a lot of teenagers, stop eating and suffer from anorexy, which is a dangerous mental illness.

However, not only do teenagers modify their habits to be beautiful, but also adults. When we switch on ours TVs we watch a lot ofcelebrities who have had plastic surgery or who have been injected botox, most of whom are up to forty years old.

Taking all this into account, I think that we live in a world full of hypocresy; and fashion shops and magazines are guilty of this. For example, today, there are several shops who prefer people with a fantastic appearance rather than with a fantastic curriculum.

Advantages and disadvantages of means of transport.

Nowadays there are a lot of means of transports tha couldn't be imagined a hundred years ago, like planes. The first person who thought about a plane was believed to be crazy; however, in the current life, we send spaceships to explore the space and it is normal to us.

On the one hand, we could think about what means of transport are more accurated for each moment, but in some occassions we realize that we make mistakes. For example, planes are the best option to travel far away, but we use it to travel near us, since it is more comfortable, without thinking too much about pollution. In these cases, I think that we should use cars, leaving planes for long travels broad.

On the other hand, technology on trains has advanced a lot. Nowadays there are high speed trains, and you can go anywhere very fast. But not only these means of transport have advantages, but they also have several disadvantages. Prices are higherand higher, and people prefer to travel by car instead of using public transport.

Taking all this into account, I believe that governments should reduce prices to promote the use of public transport, as well as aerolines.

What's the difference between reading the news in the newspaper and watching them on TV?

Television is watched more and more every day. According to a recent survey, 63% of the population prefer to watch the news on TV rather than reading them in the newspaper, but, what are the differences between these two methods of communication and why is television preferred?

On the one hand, newspapers have been one of the most used means of communication of the past century. However, nowadays newspapers are getting absolete because in some cases they modify the information written according to their ideology, so if you want subjective information, newspapers might be your best option.

On the other hand, the most part of the population prefer to watch the news on television, not only because it is less manipulated, but also because information is usually complemented with media, and it allows to cover a bigger range of information. However, it is said that people are starting to read the news on the Internet.

Taking all tis into account, I'm very keen on watching TV, since I like watching videos while I'm being told the news. Besides, I sometimes read the newspaper on the Internet.

Advantages and disadvantages about my city.

I live in a little village in the south of Granada, which is near Salobreña and Motril. It has about five thousand inhabitants, and it's sourrounded by several kilometres of countryside. The most part of its population are farmers, they grow up tomatoes, custard apples or peppers.In spite of being a little village, there aren't many elder people, and it is said to be the city with the highest natality rate.

I like my village because everybody knows each other, and we are like a big family. People are really nice and polite, and they always try to help you when you have troubles. One of the best things in the village is the school, where children learn a lot of new skills. Moreover, it is used to have two discos, but now, there are just a few bars where you can eat big and fabulous Spanish tapas, and there's such a fantastic atmosphere that you always have fun!

However, you can't judge a book by its cover, my village has some disadvantages, too. I would like to say that my village is perfect, but I would be lying. Firstly, we don¡t have any big malls to buy food or clothes, so we have to go to Motril or Salobreña. Secondly, I can't have my hair cut, since there isn't any hairdressers's.

Taking all this into account, not only do I think that families live very well there, but I also believe that businessmen can have here a confortable life. If I were major for one yaer, I would improve the museum to attract more tourism and would suggest that they build a mall.


Environmental problems caused by pollution are one of the most disscussed issues by politicians from all over the world, especially by those whose country is very industrialized, such as the United States or Germany. But the question is, how can these problems be solved?

On the one hand, nowadays transport is one of the main reasons of pollution; it produces more and more toxic gases, since the number of vehicles which use gas is incredibly increasing. In my opinion, governments should help automobile companies to develop vehicles which could use water instead of petrol.

On the other hand, rivers and seas are like a "big bin" for boats. They throw away all their rubbish, and as a consequence, sea animals are affected. Some organisations which are concerned about the problem are trying to make a change through demonstrations.

Finally, another problem is that a lot of trees are being cut down to build roads, houses, flats or simply, to make paper. Because of this, our planet is losing a lot of oxygen, and from my point of view, the government should make a law to protect this important part of Earth..