sábado, 14 de febrero de 2015

Studying at university in the UK.

Next year I will probably be studying at university. I'd like to go to the University of Granada, because it has a lot of prestige since it’s considered one of the best universities in Spain. Besides, it’s close to my family, so at weekends, I could go home to visit them. 

First of all, I have some fears about university, as I don’t know how the education system is. I hope I’ll understand all the lessons and I could go up on my studies. Not only do I worry about college, but also about living in a flat. Going to college is a way to become independent from your parents, but sometimes, many people aren’t mature enough to do this and don’t know how to combine chores and studies, disregarding one of the two. 

Secondly, I have read the newspaper article about Chinese students in the UK and I have several conclusions: They have lower grades because their culture is completely different from the European, they are very quiet and sometimes, shy, they don’t socialize with others very much and have a quieter life than us. Furthermore, their thinking is different because the brain is used to learn pictures instead of letters, and this fact causes them difficulty of adaptation to our way of life. 

In conclusion, I think schools should give more information to students who go to college next year, both on selectivity exam, and about how the university works. At our school, for example, I haven’t received any information, and all I know is thanks to other students or to the Internet, therefore I would like to have a clearer orientation.

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