viernes, 13 de febrero de 2015

What class are you?

The ancient society was divided into different statuses, that is to said, closed groups where people couldn't ascend socially. The highest stratum was the king, and below was the clergy and the nobility. These people were privileged and didn't pay taxes, while peasants and workers were not privileged, so they had to pay a lot of taxes. However, today thankfully this has changed.

Today a person who is born in a family without much money can succeed in life and ascend socially earning a lot of money; and at the same time a person who is born in a family with a lot of money can fall into ruin and lose everything he had. So, society is at the present time divided depending on money.

In my opinion, in Spain the most part of the population is in the middle class, they are people who work and earn enough money to live with some confort. However, there are countries, some of the richest in the world, such as Saudi Arabia, where poor people are extremely poor and rich people are extremely rich. I think these inequalities should be reduced and that the rich should help the poor ones more, so the country can develop.

In the case of Spain, many people who belonged to the middle class is now in the lower class due to the current period of economic crisis. Many have lost their jobs and have very few subsidies to buy food or pay for the mortage, and that's why so many people are being evicted. Finally, I believe that to solve this problem it is necessary to eliminate social injustices and that the government should search more effective mesures to make sure that all people can live in the best possible conditions.

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